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You Should All Be Team Jacob, and Here’s Why

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Don’t call yourself a Twilight fan if you’ve only seen the movies. The movies are a horrible representation of the books, and don’t even capture the full story and essence of the books in the Saga. Also, you’ll probably be Team Edward if you’ve only watched the movies, because the films make it seem like Edward is always the good guy, when he’s not; Edward has his bad moments as well, but the films like to make him seem like the good guy all the way. Not to mention the fact that movie Edward is hotter than movie Jacob (popular opinion, not mine), everyone is on Team Edward. I just can’t fully grasp the reason as to why Team Edward people, are Team Edward people! Maybe it’s because I’m on Team Jacob, but everything that Edward does (except for the first book) was just so…odd. I started off as Team Edward, because Twilight made him seem like that desirable hot, mysterious vampire, but after reading New Moon, I immediately regretted my choice as Team Edward and moved onto Team Jacob, here’s why:

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  1. Jacob cares enough for Bella to stick around, even when she broke his heart.

Let’s take a look at New Moon, when Edward and his family leave Forks to “protect” Bella from their dangerously, threatening lifestyle (hi Jasper, we’re all looking at you) while Edward fully knows that Bella cannot live without him, because she is so in love with him. Bella drove herself crazy and became severely depressed; attempting to contact Alice (Edward’s vampire sister) through email, only for the emails to fail and never send which sends Bella into a deeper spiral of bleakness. Through her seemingly unending depression, Bella’s only hope was Jacob: the only person who made an actual attempt at trying to save her and help her through her period of desolation, which he succeeded at. All Jacob wanted was for Bella to be okay again, overcoming his crush on her to put Bella and her feelings first. Who was there to save her when Bella jumped off the cliff and drowned? Who was there when Laurent (another scary vampire) found Bella and attempted to kill her? Oh yea, Jacob. And what was Edward doing in the midst of all this? Edward was trying to get himself killed by the Volturi because he couldn’t bear to live without Bella. Sounds quite odd, doesn’t it? Fast forward to Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward get married, which breaks Jacob’s poor heart even further, and Bella ends up pregnant with Edward’s vampire baby. A weak human like Bella ended up pregnant with Edward’s baby, which basically guaranteed her death as she gave birth to an equally powerful vampire baby. Through her extremely painful, but short pregnancy, Jacob visited her, without fail, and made sure she was safe and okay; he left his own pack to become one of the “vampires” to ensure that Bella would be secure, essentially leaving his family to team up with their, and his, greatest enemies for Bella’s sake. Despite Jacob’s broken heart, he kept coming back to Bella, making sure that she was safe and happy; putting her before himself, unlike Edward. If Edward were to put Bella first, he would know that leaving her and erasing any trace of his existence would break her more than anything; he knew that Bella would rather die than be apart from him. Jacob is there for her and puts her needs before his, without fail.

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Turns out Elena Kagan would rather talk ...

2. Jacob is relatable.

Come on, who could possibly relate to a vampire? Yes, Jacob is a werewolf, but he’s also human too; whenever he’s not a werewolf, he’s human and vice versa. However, Edward has been a vampire for almost a century! He’s an old man, essentially. Not only is he an old man, but he’s a vampire; how could Bella possibly relate to a blood-sucking, mind reader like Edward, not to mention he’s also 90 years older than her. Jacob, on the other hand, is near her age (he’s two years younger than Bella) so it is much easier for the two to understand and resonate with each other. For example, in New Moon, Jacob agrees to help Bella fix a motorbike and they began to build a stronger friendship through constant hangouts in Jacob’s garage; Jacob teaching her little bits here and there on how to fix a motorbike, and eventually teaching her how to ride one. These are things that teenagers do! If we were to put Edward in the same situation, he wouldn’t let Bella near a motorbike in the first place because he’s so paranoid and wants Bella to be safe, willing to abandon what she really wants for her safety. After Bella’s constant begging, he would probably give in but not until he asks his sister, who can see the near-future, if Bella dies or not from riding a motorbike. Jacob is way more relatable than Edward will ever be, hence why he is the better of the two.

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3. Jacob is better looking.

Yes, I know this is subjective but according to society’s (physical) ideals, Jacob is the better choice. Jacob has gorgeous, sun-kissed skin that would make anyone nostalgic for those beautiful, hot summer nights; the cotton candy skies, cool breeze from the start of a midsummer evening, the crickets singing softly in the background. Meanwhile, Edward is so pale you would’ve thought his face was the moon. Now, I’m not trying to insult anyone who has pale skin; I think all skin colors are beautiful! However, Edward is on a whole other level. I can’t help but think of Mount Everest when I look at him. On different note, let’s settle the argument about Jacob and Edward’s abs, once and for all. Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, worked out profusely for his abs to look perfect in the films, and let’s not forget he was 16-17 years old when New Moon was shot (the film where we get all that ab action). Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, had his abs spray-painted. Yes, Robert Pattinson admitted that his abs were spray-painted. How could such an argument exist, when we are comparing REAL, hard earned abs to spray-painted ones? I think it just comes to show that Jacob is fitter than Edward, which is another reason why he is the better choice.

I meant for this post to have five points, but I ended up with three 🙁

Hopefully these three points have converted those on Team Edward to Team Jacob!


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